Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TRAIN!!! FREE SQL Server Training: 4/20/13 SQL Saturday Orange County

If you're anywhere near Huntington Beach this week, and you're interested in SQL Server, data,
analytics or any combination of those, come check out SQL Saturday #201.

All day long (8-5), there will be non-stop sessions on a wide variety of data topics.  From DBA fundamentals to Big Data to Business Intelligence to Cloud to Data Mining...  The list goes on.  Did I mention it's FREE...

Check out the schedule here:

Some of the best in the business will be there, volunteering their time and sharing their knowledge to help build and support the Microsoft SQL Server community.  Definitely recommend taking advantage of this great learning and networking opportunity if you're in the area. 

Oh yeah, and if you can stand the odd combination of Tennessee, New York and California accents, come see my session too.  I'll be speaking on a topic that I'm up to my eye-balls in right now and am very fond of these days:  The principles Eric Ries wrote about in The Lean Startup and how to apply those to the process of delivering Microsoft BI and Data Warehousing solutions.  I'll focus on how to use PowerPivot and Analysis Services Tabular to deliver working prototypes early-on, while iteratively validating your dimensional model and delaying ETL and physical DW structure development until later in the lifecycle when your users have proven to you that the model you've prototyped will be used and is actually worthy of the expensive and resource-intensive ETL & DW development.

Hope to see some of you there...

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